Collision Repair Cost FAQs

You can use these collision repair FAQs to learn about how we work with you on auto body and paint repair projects. We work with a small number of highly trusted insurance companies as well as self-pay collision repair projects in the Fuquay-Varina, NC area.

How much does collision repair cost?

There is no standard collision repair cost. Here are the top three things that influence collision repair cost:

  • Condition of the vehicle before an accident
  • Extent of damage from the accident
  • Vehicle make, model, and installed options

Many other factors can add cost to a collision repair.

If your insurance company has already written an estimate, we’ll start there. In most cases, your insurance company’s initial estimate will not cover all the work necessary to properly and completely repair a vehicle. If you’re working with one of our preferred insurers, we’ll file supplements for you during the repair process. If your insurer is not on our list, we’ll provide the information you will need to work with your insurance agent.

What are the standard prices for collision repair?

Although it may sound simple to repair a dent or paint a bumper, it is usually more complex. For example, just painting over an existing bumper to cover scratches will usually make the scratches even more noticeable. In addition, the collision repair team will need to color match and blend the paint so it looks like the undamaged areas of your car, truck, or SUV.

There are no standard prices for collision repair. We will be glad to inspect the damage at our shop and provide you with an initial estimate.

Can you give me a collision repair cost estimate over the phone?

Many insurance companies write their initial estimates when you send photos of collision damage. The full extent of most collision damage is not usually visible until the shop begins disassembly. When you bring your vehicle to the shop (or have it towed to us), we can provide you with an initial estimate.

Why does it take so long for collision repair?

In most cases, your collision repair timeline will depend on the extent of damage, availability of parts, and the number of vehicles in line for repair. Because we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all the work we perform, we also take our time so your car is repaired the right way.

Will you provide a rental car for my collision repair?

Collision repair shops do not provide rental car coverage. You should work with your insurance company to determine whether or not they will provide a rental car for the duration of time you are not able to use your car, truck, or SUV. There may be a gap between the number of days an insurance company will cover and the time a shop needs to schedule, receive parts, and perform the repair.

Can I provide my own parts to reduce my collision repair cost?

In most cases, customer supplied parts actually increase the overall collision repair cost. There are many low quality parts on the market and that can negatively impact the quality of the final collision repair result. We provide a limited lifetime warranty on all work we do because we carefully source the best quality replacement parts available for your collision repair.

Can you adjust and paint panels I’ve already replaced?

We provide full service collision repairs. In order to guarantee safety and reliability, we do not finish work started by other individuals or collision repair shops.

Can you fix other damage as part of my collision repair claim?

For legal reasons, we cannot include unrelated repairs in a repair claim to your insurance company. We are happy to provide you with a separate written estimate for damage unrelated to your collision. There is no need to schedule separate repair appointments if we know about the additional work at the time of your collision repair.

Do you do car detailing?

We encourage customers to remove all valuables and clean the interior of their vehicle before dropping it off for repair. People often leave personal belongings along with waste materials so we do not provide cleanout services. If your vehicle is clean inside and our repair work requires us to do interior work, we’ll perform a basic cleaning and wash the exterior of your vehicle before returning it to you after a collision repair. We are happy to recommend professional detailing services if you’d like to hire someone separately for post-repair detailing.

Can you repair or replace my windshield?

We perform windshield replacements when required as part of a collision repair project. We are happy to make a recommendation to a professional glass repair or replacement shop if that’s the only thing you need.

What we value

What we value

We serve our community with the highest quality repairs and restorations – because we have a passion for cars and respect the people who own them.

We do that with:

  • Honesty – We don’t lie, cheat, or steal.
  • Respect – We speak to and treat coworkers and customers better than we want to be treated ourselves.
  • Professionalism – We show up, watch the details, and do things right because we care about the work we do (and the people we do it for)

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