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When you drive your vehicle, you ideally want it in pristine condition. Few things are more frustrating than seeing a random dent show up on your vehicle, and it can be difficult to pinpoint a cause. If you see a dent on your vehicle, let the dent repair experts at Automotive Collision Specialists help you! Located in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, our ASE Certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment and a unique process to quickly rid your vehicle of that bothersome dent. Whether it’s a small blemish or major damage, we can restore your vehicle’s factory finish!

Dents to Look Out For

One of the frustrating things about vehicle ownership is how difficult it can be to avoid a dent. At any point and time, a dent could magically appear on your vehicle, leaving you confused about its origins. Although it can be difficult to determine the exact cause, there are some assumptions you can make based on the type of damage your vehicle has sustained. Here are some common dent types you’ll find and what may have caused them.

Round Dents

As the name implies, round dents take on the appearance of the round object that may have hit your vehicle. Although hail damage is a common source for this type of damage, other objects such as footballs, basketballs, or soccer balls have also been responsible.

Sharp Dents

These dents are typically more severe and have a deeper, defined valley to it. A frequent cause for this type of damage is door dings, as people in parking lots may swing their car doors too wide and hit your vehicle.

Creased Dents

This type of damage typically occurs when an object is dragging against your vehicle. The name describes how the damage will look like, as the dent will look creased and crinkled. This commonly occurs when your vehicle drives too close to a wall or a low-hanging tree branch scrapes it.

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Whether there’s a minor blemish or a major dent, let Automotive Collision Specialists help fix the damage your vehicle has sustained. Located in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, our auto restoration experts utilize special tools and processes to make it look as if the dent was never there. We also use color matching technology to pinpoint the specific color shade your vehicle is using. By the end of your service, your vehicle will be dent-free! To schedule an appointment give us a call at 919-552-0333 or visit our shop on 313 West Academy Street and speak with one of our service advisors. We happily accept walk-in customers!