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Limited Lifetime Warranty

A close up photo of a classic Ford Mustang convertible in paint booth after a concourse level restoration by Automotive Collision Specialists in Fuquay Varina NC

For more than 25 years, customers in and near Fuquay Varina NC have trusted Automotive Collision Specialists as the best body shop around. That’s because we back our collision repairs and classic car restoration work with a limited lifetime warranty.

Expert Evaluation

We’ll take photos when you drop your car off at our shop. This helps us know the condition of your vehicle when you bring it to us.

Estimates and Limited Lifetime Warranty Coverage

Our team provides complimentary estimates. That includes all body, trim, paint, and mechanical work to be done on your vehicle. We’ll also look for hidden damage. Our limited lifetime warranty applies to all the work we do.

If there are areas of damage that you do not ask us to work on, they will not be covered by our limited lifetime warranty.

After we complete our repairs, we take additional pictures. We keep the pictures so we know the condition of your vehicle at the time of pickup.

Quality Parts and Materials

We use quality parts and materials for all auto repair and restoration projects. Depending on your insurance company requirements, or choices you make in your repair or restoration, we may agree to use new or used Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket parts. In some cases, we may need to fabricate a replacement part if your vehicle is rare or parts are no longer available. We provide a limited lifetime warranty on all parts we use.

Paint Matching

Photo showing the BASF premium automotive paint and clear coat solutions Automotive Collision Specialists uses for collision repair and restoration.

Our team also uses high quality paint and clear coat products such as BASF’s Glasurite and R-M products.

When we paint an entire car, truck, van, or SUV, we will match either the manufacturer’s original paint color or the current color. We can also paint your vehicle with a non-factory color or style. When you want this, we will let you know if your choices will affect the warranty we can provide.

Over time, the look of your car’s paint may fade. Some colors are more likely to fade than others. This is normal and it is caused by sunlight and weather. It is expected and is not covered under the limited lifetime warranty.

When we make repairs that do not require the entire vehicle to be repainted, we will start with the manufacturer’s color code. In some cases, an insurance company will not cover blending adjacent panels (even if we ask them). You always have the option to cover the additional cost of having our paint shop “blend-in” newly painted parts. That means we’ll make adjustments to match any existing paint fade. We’ll also make sure the new color covers the edges of nearby body panels to help the old and new paint match. When we blend paint, we will only make repairs to scratches, chips, dents, or other damage if you authorize us in advance to make them.

Painted Bumper Repair

Modern cars usually have rubber or plastic bumpers that match the car’s shape. In most cases, it is not possible to repair dents, scratches, or warping in an existing bumper cover. You can choose to pay for a replacement bumper cover or have us re-use your existing one. If you need us to reuse your existing bumper cover, we’ll paint it to match the rest of the repairs. We will blend paint to match the existing bumper color. If the bumper is a different color than the body, ou can choose to pay for paint to match the vehicle’s body color.

Our limited lifetime warranty will apply to all the paint work we do. The warranty will not cover pre-existing damage to the bumper cover.

Exclusions to the Limited Lifetime Warranty

We warrant our work to you for as long as you own the car. The warranty is non-transferrable.

We do not warrant materials or workmanship that becomes damaged after after our repairs.

Certain parts like tires, brakes, windshield wipers, and other mechanical parts have a normal maintenance schedule and are expected to wear out over time. Our limited lifetime warranty does not include maintenance services to you for these parts. When these kinds of parts wear out, our limited lifetime warrant does not include free or pro-rated replacement beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. The limited lifetime warranty does not provide road hazard protection for tires. If you experience a road hazard such as a puncture or tear, you should have your vehicle serviced by a reputable tire repair shop. If you need a recommendation, our repair shop team will be happy to provide one to you at no cost.

Our limited lifetime warranty covers OBDC and OBDCII connected parts when they fail within 2-3 months of our covered repair or if the part is still within a manufacturer’s warranty period. Computer connected parts are complicated and often affected by other sensors and computer settings that are not a part of the auto body repairs we performed for your vehicle. If you have a code after a repair, our technicians will evaluate the failure and determine whether or not it will be a covered repair.

Making a Limited Lifetime Warranty Claim

If you have any concern with a repair the Automotive Collision Specialists team has done for you, please contact us as soon as possible. After you call, we’ll schedule a time for you to bring your car to the shop.

We’ll look at the car, review our records, and decide whether or not the repair is related to the work we performed. We will schedule all warranty repair work based on our shop schedule. If our trained technicians determine the failure is not a covered limited lifetime warranty item, we will advise you on the reasons. If the problem is not related to auto body repair services, we will provide recommendations to other reputable repair shops at no additional cost to you.

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