Automotive Collision Specialists Share Things That Affect Collision Repair Costs

Fuqua Varina Auto Body Repair Shop Shares Top 5 Things That Affect Auto Collision Repair Costs

The experts at Automotive Collision Specialists sat down and shared the top five areas that drive the repair bills north after an accident that triggers the automobile owner to bring the auto to the shop for a repair estimate. If you have been in a vehicle accident, these 5 areas should be considered as you work on getting an estimate to repair any damage. The experts at Automotive Collision Specialists in Fuquay Varina, NC can provide quick auto damage and collision repair estimates.

Here the top five things that drive the costs of collision repair up:

#1 – Prior and hidden auto body damage and/or frame damage:

 Has the vehicle been previously damaged and repaired? Was it properly repaired or do issues exist that complicate the repair of the new damage? Hidden damage may exist that is not visible upon preliminary inspection. Disassembly may be required to discover items such as unibody, frame, suspension, or component damage. Auto body repair costs are primarily driven by the damage you see and potentially damage you don’t see.

#2 – Airbag and safety systems deployment after an auto accident:  

Did the airbag or seat belts deploy? If so then they will require replacement as well as some related components. Does the vehicle have Pre Crash, lane change, side/rear/ park sensors or cameras? These items will require pre and post scans to ensure they are working properly, In some cases, recalibration may be necessary. 


A five star ad showing the before and after comparison photo of a silver Ford Explorer SUV front end collision repair by Automotive Collision Specialists in Fuquay Varina NC.

#3 – Paint color and condition prior to the automobile accident:

Is the existing paint in good condition or is it peeling, cracking, or delaminating? These adverse conditions may require additional labor and material to properly repair the damage. Some colors are more expensive than others. Is the color a three or four-stage color? Is it a pearl or candy color? A blending of adjacent panels is generally necessary to achieve a color match.  Red and colors in the red family are particularly costly to repair/repaint. 

#4 – The specific parts which are damaged in your auto accident:

The selection of the parts affects the cost of auto accident repair. Depending on how one’s insurance policy is written which dictates the parts that are used. The most common options for replacement parts are either OEM, aftermarket or used parts. From these choices, the OEM is generally the best but most expensive. Other factors to be considered are as follows: If a component or an assembly is needed? Is the part an aftermarket or dealer add on? For older vehicles, are the part still available? How many parts in total were damaged and/or needs replacement? All these variables drive the costs of repairs up as the number of parts needed increases.

#5 – Repair vs. replacement of damaged parts: 

When inspecting damaged items, it’s important to know if it’s still repairable or if a replacement is necessary? Replacement cost on some items, like quarter panels, can be more costly than repairing them. One must consider which procedure gives the correct and best repair for the life of the vehicle and the safety of its occupants.

About Automotive Collision Specialists in Fuqua Varina, NC

With over twenty-five years of experience in the industry, Automotive Collision Specialists is a cutting-edge collision repair facility with twelve bays and eight qualified employees. The team is fully equipped with advanced diagnostic technology and repair tools needed to perform collision repair, paint service, and complete restoration for all vehicle makes and models.

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