Local Collision Repair Company Advises Drivers How to Respond to an Accident

Collision Repair Company Shares What to Do After A Car Accident

Vehicle accidents are an inevitability of driving on the roadways. According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, there were over 275,000 (750/day) accidents on North Carolina roads in 2017. 73% or 201,000 of all traffic accidents occur between 7 am-7 pm, which is peak traffic time. Every 78 seconds, there is a traffic accident during this peak traffic time of 7 am-7 pm.

If a driver is in an accident, there are steps to take to help safely navigate the stressful aftermath. Automotive Collision Specialists, an auto body shop in Fuquay-Varina, NC, advises drivers to heed the following steps if at all possible:

A before and after comparison photo of a red Mazda Miata hardtop convertible fender repair by Automotive Collision Specialists in Fuquay Varina NC.

1. Stay calm

Check for injuries and move to a safer area away from the accident. Call the police.

2. Exchange information and document the crash

Provide only the most important information — name and insurance information — to any other drivers involved. Limit interaction with the other people involved in the accident to avoid flaring tempers. Avoid admitting personal guilt or assigning blame to the other person.

3. Collect and document helpful information related to the incident

This information includes:

  • Name and insurance information of the other driver or drivers
  • The other driver’s telephone number, if they are willing to provide it
  • Witness contact information
  • Photos of any damage
  • Police report number
  • Police officer’s name and telephone number
  • Personal notes on what happened during the incident

4. Determine what insurance coverage would apply and whether to file a claim

If the damage appears to be minor, it is tempting for the driver at fault to offer to pay cash for the other driver’s repairs. But the repairs might be costlier than expected. According to Consumer Reports, test crashes at just 10 mph produced damage that looked minor but priced out at $3,000 to $6,000.

5. Know before they tow

When a vehicle is towed from the scene of the accident, drivers should know their rights and make sound choices regarding the repair of their vehicle. Document the towing company in possession of the automobile and where the automobile is being towed to. Request that the vehicle be towed to the preferred automobile collision specialist within a reasonable distance. Vehicle owners are not obligated to have their vehicle repaired at the shop where it was originally towed, especially if the repair facility is unfamiliar or unqualified.

6. Understand how to respond to insurance companies

When the driver contacts the insurance company and files a claim, the owner should request that the vehicle be inspected by the collision repair shop he or she has chosen. If it is not drivable, the vehicle can be towed to the repair shop of choice.

Do not be swayed by an insurance company’s efforts to promote their preferred provider if that provider is not the one the vehicle owner knows and trusts. Although being a preferred provider is not negative, vehicle owners have the right to have repairs done at the shop of their choice.

An insurance company may make comments similar to the following:

  • “We can’t warranty or guarantee that shop’s work.”
  • “We will not be responsible for rental coverage if you use them.”
  • “It will be weeks before we can send an adjuster to inspect your vehicle.”

None of these statements are true. All reputable shops will warranty and guarantee their work. The insurance company is obligated to pay for repairs and to restore an insured vehicle to its pre-accident condition. The insurance provider must deal in good faith with the shop the driver chooses to do the repair work.

7. Schedule the repair with the auto collision specialist that is known and trusted

Once the claim has been accepted and an estimate written, schedule the repair with the shop of choice if the vehicle is drivable. If the vehicle is not drivable but is already at the shop selected to do the repairs, then give authorization for the shop to proceed with ordering parts and beginning repairs.

8. Review the shop’s payment policy and make arrangements for payment upon the completion of repairs

The restoration process for a damaged vehicle requires thoughtful intentionality on the part of the vehicle owner. A reputable body shop will walk customers through the process.

A before and after comparison photo of a burgundy Volkswagen Jetta bumper repair by Automotive Collision Specialists in Fuquay Varina NC.

At Automotive Collision Specialists in Fuquay-Varina, their restoration technicians deliver quality, excellent work. When a client entrusts their car to the team, the vehicle is in the capable hands of the area’s leading professionals for auto body repair, car restoration, and auto painting services.

For more information about automotive collision repair in Fuquay-Varina, visit the Automotive Collision Specialists website at https://automotivecollisionspecialists.com or contact the staff by phone at (919) 522-0333.

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